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Personal Stuff


I tend to write some poetry and draw sometimes. Visit this site if you are interested.

Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum vitae. Warning, this is in Dutch

Miscellaneous Links

Gamma Adjustment

If you want to have correct colours on your monitor, use this guide to configure your hard and software. I found this to be the best gamma adjustment page after trying and trying webpage after webpage.

Maximum RPM

A very extensive guide discussing the Redhat Package Manager

Homemade PCB's

Easy Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Using Laser Printer Toner Transfer.

RedHat Linux 7.2+ Sofware Raid Mini Guide

This guide describes how i implemented software raid on a running system. I described it for RedHat Linux 7.2 and 7.3 in mind, but will possible work on newer systems and other distro's too.

Programming Links

[C] Beginners Guide 01

Examples and excercises

[C] Beginners Guide 02

University C Programming Couse. Few examples and excercises. Less code, more theory. Very good though.

[C] Reference 01

Good C Programming reference, with code examples, discussion of common problems, compiler instructions and a very good index. Check the `Master Index' out

[C] Pointers and Arrays tutorial

Very nice and extensive tutorial on pointers and arrays. Not for the beginner

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 01

Complete book about the GNU build environment: writing configure scripts, makefiles. Using Autoconfig, automakee and libtool.

This page is missing sourcecode examples where it matters, see the link below this one for those.

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 03

An example on how to modify an existing project to use the GNU autotools.

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 02

Same as the above link. This page is half-translated to another language, but enough english remains to use it. Unlike the above link, this page does have all the source code examples.

Slightly older than the link above.

[DEBUGGING] Debugging with GDB

An extensive guide on using GDB

[DEBUGGING] Debugging with DDD

An extensive guide on using DDD

DDD is a graphical shell arround GDB. Check for the same guide in PDF format.

[LINUX] The Linux Programmer's Guide 02

Mirror of the link above this one

[LINUX] The Linux Programmer's Guide 01

A very extensive guide which cover a lot of basic topics, but most noteworthy: IPC, Sound programming, Character Cell graphics (terminal, ncruses e.d.), I/O Programming (mouse, joystick e.d.).

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 04

Gives a basic overview of the auto tools. Read this if you're a beginner.

[MISC] Software Release Practice HOWTO

Explanation of why this document exists:

There is a large body of good-practice traditions for open-source code that helps other people port, use, and cooperate with developing it. Some of these conventions are traditional in the Unix world and predate Linux; others have developed recently in response to particular new tools and technologies such as the World Wide Web.

This document will help you learn good practice. It is organized into topic sections, each containing a series of checklist items. Think of these as a pre-flight checklist for your patch or software distribution.

[Xlib] Xlib Programming Manual (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)

Shows you how to program using Xlib. The information in this manual is very thorough. Helps you where the man-pages fail.

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 05

Short introduction to the autotools.

[MISC] Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes

Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes

[MISC] Directory of FREE Online Books

A Directory of FREE Online Books. Lots and Lots of books!

[GNU] GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool 06

A lengty tutorial on how to use the autotools. Covers some topics not covered elsewhere. Recommended link for advanced users.

[MISC] Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

This is the online PDF version of the book "Linux Device Drivers".

[GNU] GNU C (glibc) library manual

The complete glibc manual.

[MISC] Program Library HOWTO

Describes in detail how to use program libraries in your programs. This includes loading libraries on runtime.