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 * imagegallery * v2.3 * 

The newest version of this documentation can be found
at: `'


Imagegallery provides a simple way to set up an image
gallery. You can devide images in seperate categories.

Images you post can be either local files or files on
an other server. Thumbnails of these images are
generated on-the-fly.

Imagegallery support different languages. At this point
there are language files for:
* English
* Dutch                           (thanks Master-Devil!)
* Hungarian                       (thanks Tomcat!)
* Spanish                         (thanks Gonzalo!)
* French                          (thanks Michaux!)
* German			  (thanks Ralf!)

(note that any language file, except English, may not be


If you translated the language files to your own language
send the files to me by email. I will include it in the
main download package as soon as possible.


To install, copy the folder `imagegallery_menu' to your
`e107_plugins' folder.

You can then install the plugin using the plugin manager.


Upgrading from version lower than 2.3 is not possible. This
is due to the folder namechange. However, you could work
arround that with the instructions below.

warning: !!i give no guarantee that this will actually work
         for you!!

1) upload the `imagegallery' folder to your plugins folder.
2) delete the `imagegallery_menu' folder from your plugins
3) use the plugin manager to install imagegallery. the
   plugin manager will complain about not being able to
   create tables and preferences, but you can ignore that
4) hope it will work for you :)


4 General settings can be made in the main config area of
this plugin.

You can:
edit the categories and images using the links
at the upper right of the image gallery config area.

You can batch add images using the `Batch Add Images'
link in the upper right.

Batch adding works like this:
1) Upload your images to a folder in 'e107_images/'
2) Provide the script with the path name of where you put the
   images. Eg you uploaded them in 'e107_images/10-2003/'
   type: '10-2003/'.
3) Select the images you want to add. You can optionally
   provide a description or your own title.
4) Enjoy!


imagegallery v2.0 beta is an update of imagegallery
by Chris McLeod for e107 v0.6+ 

Thanks to Master-Devil for creating the plugin icon.


This update was created by me, Mark Pustjens. You'll find
my webiste at `'. If you wish to contact me
you can do so by emailing me at `mark at unkie dot org'. 
It's also very likely i'm online at the #e107 irc channel at


o = changed feature
+ = added feature
- = removed feature

v2.3b 25 Okt 2003:
+ Added a batch add function. With it, you can add loads of
  images at once. Here's how it works:
  1) First you need to upload your images somewhere
     in e107_files/. 
  2) Give the script the folder you put the images in. eg:
  3) Choose which images you want to add by selecting them
     optionally adding titles and descriptions.
+ Added a user submit function. Your users can now submit an
  image url to your gallery. Note that this is no upload fuction
  If you want this functionality use coppermine.
o when updateing image categories, you can use a dropdown menu
  to select a new icon. before you had to type the url yourself
+ non-existing category icons and images display a `no image'
o change the name of the readme file to README.TXT because
  apparently allmost nobody was able to find it.
+ added 4 configuration variables, namely:
  - ig_path     : the path to ImageMagick
  - ig_resize   : the resize method to use.
  - ig_thumbsize: the thumbnail size.
  - ig_userpost : can registered users post images.
  now these settings are stored seperately. before the settings
  from the user admin panel were used.
o changed name of the directory imagegallery uses from
  `imagegallery_menu' to `imagegallery'. Now e107 doesn't try
  to add the non-existing menu anymore. This also breaks upgrade
  support from older versions.
+ some minor bugs and typo's fixed.
+ officially added thumb.php. use it to get thumbnails whereever
  you want. use the following url format:
  thumb.php?image+newwidth (in pixels, height is calculated)
+ better thumbnailing support. Relies on one setting:
  . resize method (gd, gd2 or imagemagick): note: imagemagick
    must be compiled with XML support for normal url's to work.
    If not, use absolute server paths, eg: /apache/myimage.png
    (this _might_ work)
+ more languages supported, more localized messages.
+ intergration of userclasses (see add image page)
+ thumbnail checkbox on add new image page new works
+ various unreported bugs fixed
v2.2b (broken):
+ started adding userclass support
+ small changes, code cleanup
v2.1 (broken):
o don't remember :P
o Made compatible with e107 v0.600
somewhere in 2003:
+ Initial Release by Chris McLeod


My thanks go out to jalist, who created such a fine cms 
system. Thank you!